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MDea is an innovative medical education & digital communications company.

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The Doctors Channel

List-Matched Distribution with PLD

The Doctor's Channel delivers free expert medical information via streaming videos that get right to the point. Launched in 2007, The Doctor’s Channel was named one of the top healthcare sites by Manhattan Research & won the Web Health Gold Award for Best Medical Education site.

We've been creating and distributing inventive med ed and promotional video content for over 15 years. With over 500,000 US HCPs reachable in our network, we can customize a successful campaign to your exact target audience and provide physician level data reporting weekly on all engagements!

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Contract MSLs, Recruiting & Training

Since creating the first scientifically credentialed medical science liaison (MSL) team back in 1989, we have become an industry leader in outsourced MSL development programs. When it comes to MSL team formation, we have a strong track record consulting for Fortune 100 companies in the healthcare, medical device, and pharma industries. We relish the opportunity to take on the challenges of hiring, training, and deploying contract-based MSL teams across the globe.

Looking to fill an open MSL or Medical Affairs position with one of the BEST candidates? We can do that.

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TDC Productions

Med Ed Video Experts

Passionate and creative video production team specializing in medical education and promotional Pharma / Biotech video content for over 20 years! MLR submission experts offering an array of services to help you create stories that educate and inspire your target audience (and get approved)!

  • Augmented reality (AR) Experiences
  • CME Content
  • Video Reprints (V-Prints)
  • Patient Case Study Videos
  • Training & Med Ed
  • MOA / MODs

Boring is not in our vocabulary, we can turn your idea into a visual masterpiece and...we promise no bookcases or artificial plants :-)

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Everything you need

Our Capabilities

Digital Transformation - Hybrid Virtual MSL Teams

CRM Platform Design, Development & Execution

Artificial Intelligence Powered MSL Evaluation Analysis

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Contract MSL Teams

MSL Training and KOL Video Editing and Production

Meeting Planning and Medical Moderation

Investigator Meetings and Speaker Training

MSL Analytics

“I have worked with David at three pharmaceutical companies, and I have been pleased in all three cases. David's team really takes care of everything and allows the MSLs to focus on getting in front of customers and doing what we're supposed to be doing.”

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Michael Banks, MD, President

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